Hey There! My name is Reece Scott and I am a self-taught 17 year-old developer beginning to go to college. Ever since of a young age, I have grown an admiration for Computer Science. I began my journey by developing simple Minecraft Plugins for my own Minecraft Server in Java. I have grown my skills to develop for various, differen't languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, C & C++ using libraries such as Node.js, jQuery and GLFW, LWJGL to develop OpenGL games & engines. In my free time, I listen to lots of punk rock, spend time with my family and go out skateboarding.

I am currently looking for an online job, for any enquiries please e-mail turpster@turpster.xyz.


Here are a few of my public projects

War Gauge

Experimental 2D Multiplayer Java Game

Snake CMD

Flashy, Experimental Console version of snake

Adventure Game

2D Experimental Java Game


First OpenGL engine for making 2D games